Shelf Life

“Shelf Life” / Cultural Vistas Magazine
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A column that explores our archives and the fascinating human stories in them. We live the life appreciated here in Louisiana and this exploration takes us into the collected material memory around our state.

“We in Louisiana talk a lot about how unique and authentic our culture feels, even from the inside. It seems whenever people gather, as soon as sports discussions are exhausted, people turn to memories – usually about food, family and landscapes. Hunting and fishing in places that are open water these days; favorite spots along the bayous for a picnic; dance halls that live in memory; virtuoso musicians who never recorded; gumbos that weren’t complete without a special potato salad recipe. Triggers for these stories might be grandma’s iron skillet, still in use, or a fiddle displayed on the wall…”

Kevin McCaffrey’s column will appear in each new issue of CULTURAL VISTAS MAGAZINE, the award winning publication of the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities

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