From pigs to gumbos to jambalaya to boudin and back to shrimp… From French music to jazz to Zydeco to swamp pop… From Prairie to city, to bayou to swamp to coast… Louisiana in all its splendid diverse cultural magnificence.

MRGO ing, Going, Gone?
No One Ever Went Hungry
We Live To Eat
A Common Pot

Personal discovery, collaboration, passion, in-depth thinking. Telling your story in a way even you have not seen it. On time, on budget, value added.

Interviews with Scientists – BP Oil Spill
Historic New Orleans Collection
National Park Service
Loyola University
Tulane University
N. O. Museum of Art
Galatoire’s Restaurant
Lemieux Gallery

Eye for story-telling, exhaustive research, responsive interviewing, in depth assessments. More than just the facts, ma’m! And great photography, design, and editorial acumen.

TDR: New Orleans After the Flood
The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
“Shelf Life” – Cultural Vistas Magazine

Fieldwork, archival probing, oral histories. Whether for museums, public organizations or private records. Interviews, video, photography, linkages. The right questions, contextualization, media, and delivery.

Louisiana State Museum
New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival
Newcomb Center for Research on Women

One Man's Meat Blog