Finding Common Ground

Finding Common Ground small imgSCREENING INFO – 7PM, April 20, 2017, Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, LA

Finding Common Ground is a recently-released documentary exploring “traditional ecological knowledge” and its importance in planning for coastal restoration in Louisiana’s Mississippi River Delta. Award-winning documentary producer Kevin McCaffrey teamed up with co-Executive Producer Dr. Robert “Bob” Thomas, Director of Loyola University’s Center for Environmental Communication, to produce this rich and informative first-hand look at the existential crisis unfolding in Louisiana’s disappearing wetlands. Audience participants can learn about this complex environmental challenge, and some of the proposed solutions, through the eyes and voices of local residents, scientists, fishermen, and policy-makers.
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The struggle to restore Louisiana’s Mississippi River Delta has resulted in a new Master Plan that embraces new advances in scientific knowledge – new tools for rebuilding the coast. Local, traditional ecological knowledge can also be a tool for cost saving planning. Finding Common Ground uses documentary film techniques to show how all those impacted by coastal erosion can cross over out of their silos, overcome long term psychological barriers, and achieve new understanding that may fast track restoration projects to build much needed ground.

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